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The Wrongful Conviction of Robert Farquharson

In 2010, Robert Farquharson was convicted of killing his three sons by driving them into a dam.

He has served more than ten years of his 33 year prison sentence.

A horrific murder? Or is Farquharson the victim of one of Australia's worst Miscarriages of Justice? 

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Road to Damnation: About

On Father’s Day of 2005, Robert Farquharson was driving his three sons Jai, Tyler and Bailey aged 10, 7 and 2 years old, to their mothers house. His car ran off the road and into a dam. Whilst Farquharson escaped, the three boys went down with the car and drowned. "Murder", they yelled!  "How could anyone be that evil?", they asked. 

Farquharson was tried and convicted of murdering his three sons, but won his appeal. He was again tried in a subsequent second trail, and again convicted. He has spent the last ten years in protective custody of maximum security prison, labelled 'unsuitable for mixing' with the unforgiving general prison population.  The case is engrained in the Australian psychy and Robert has been placed along side 'the worst of the worst' of Australian criminals. 

Road to Damnation takes a fresh look at the largely circumstantial evidence used to convict Farquharson. Through the eyes of a scientist, flaws are systematically uncovered, not only flaws in the case against Robert Farquason, but in the criminal justice system that convicted him.

Could Robert Farquharson actually be innocent?

After all that has been said about him?

All that has been done to him? 

Is Robert Farquharson the embodiment of evil?

Or the victim of one of Australia’s worst Miscarriages of Justice?

Reveals a shattering injustice through sober, scientifically rigorous and unassailable analysis of all the evidence. Andrew L. Urban, author Murder by the Prosecution


Your book is compelling Alex Lavelle, theAge

I’ve been completely enthralled by it  Ian Walker, ABC

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