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Solving crimes is about analysing evidence to reach conclusions

The analysis and conclusions are made by the criminal justice system including police, forensic experts, courts and the jury. Science is about analyzing evidence to reach conclusions, using the scientific method. This site uses scientific methods to analyse evidence of crimes, and compares conclusions to those reached by the criminal justice system.

Sci-cri highlights how evidence should be analysed using scientific methods and knowledge.

Fighting injustice with science 



ROBERT FARQUHARSON: Convicted of murdering his three sons. 
The embodiment of evil? Or victim of one of Australia's worst injustices?

JOBY ROWE: Convicted of child homicide based on unsubstantiated expert opinions that have no basis in science.

JESSE VINACCIA: Convicted of child homicide based on junk science. The serious medical problems of the infant were ignored.

JESSE HARVEY: Convicted of recklessly causing serious injury based on junk science.

OTHER CASES: A scientific view of other wrongful convictions including Sue Neil-Fraser.

See also Wrongful Convictions Report by Andrew L. Urban for information and updates on Australian cases.

Takes a scientific perspective to examine the evidence against Robert Farquharson, convicted of killing his three sons.

Was this a horrific murder? Or is Farquharson the victim of one of Australia's worst miscarriages of justice?

"Reveals a shattering injustice through sober, scientifically rigorous and unassailable  analysis of all the evidence.” 

Andrew L. Urban, author Murder by the Prosecution

“Your book is compelling” Alex Lavelle, the Age

“I’ve been completely enthralled by it”  Ian Walker, ABC

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What is science

Is Forensic science the same as other science? (spoiler: no )

What can the criminal justice system learn from science? (spoiler: a lot)

Follow the Science...

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